السبت، 6 سبتمبر 2014


*"Monsters" This is a song about how the things that scare us the most can, in the end, be the very things that save us. and I love it

*Elements" I have found that sometimes I won't know what a song is about until after it is finished and I read back over it. It may sound crazy, but there have been times when I come to the end of it and I'm shocked at its meaning. ELEMENTS is one of those. I think that within all of us there is a deep longing for connection and also a desire to be free, and the two can battle it out sometimes. We need both love and freedom like we need water and air, and too much, or too little, can destroy us. Allison.

*Honest Man" is a song about being in a relationship with someone that you know is a really good person, but for some reason it just doesn't feel right to you. Leaving a relationship can be incredibly terrifying because of all the unknowns on the other side, but if you are willing to take a giant leap of faith, you will find out more of who you really are

*"Must Be Something" is about trying to make a relationship work when you know in your heart that it is ultimately doomed. You see glimmers of hope and hang onto those moments, but in the end, the bad outweighs the good and you know that something isn't right. It's about how painful it can be to love someone that can't be loved. 

*Confidence in Love is about finding renewed faith in love even after you've been hurt by other relationships

*creation : we are been going through a lot of self discovery in the past few year and what I discover that happiness lies within you not come from out side source

it is about discovery that you are the source you are the creation and the createur  

*kings : i wrote king in the  end of the last album cycle  i think because we were in a new situation we living here we were kind of seening the first  of reall sussess it makes you question I 'm I  worse this , I'm I good enough I think I taped into some  personal power like we can do whatever you want 

*believe in me : song is about If you have been In a bad relationship and you come out if it and then you meet someone new you should be jaded because you just came out of this bad relationship but for some reason you have this faith that this person is gonna be awesome even If the last person wasn't   ... is about the joy of finding someone that you really connect with after a period of loneliness. It's about learning to trust in someone new after you've been hurt in the pas

*The Devil Is A Lonely Night is about those weak moments when you are missing an old lover and even though you know you shouldn't, you reach out to them anyway.  

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  1. I liked your philosophy a lot!
    I love how you gave meaning to the songs. I always believed that music is powerful, especially when it speaks us loud and clear.

  2. : ))))) I'm in love with this album : )))) #the_pierces


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