الجمعة، 27 مايو 2016

We are the one we have been waiting for

To be able to help yourself
To Think positive
Tell yourself kind words
Trust yourself
Start to grow up and be mature
Be aware of your thoughts
the things that affect you most
And what you keep telling  yourself
When you need to be attached with people ?
And when you need from people to be  around, hug you, reassure you and tell you that everything will be alright
To be able to trust that you will always be their for yourself
Like you are always there for everyone
And start letting people go
Let them fall
And give them freedom
To be what they want to be
And to be with you, because that is their choice and that is what they want
Not because you are attached to them
Or you can't let them go
Or you Don't want to let them go
Too afraid to let them go
To be able to let people go
And be for them  light  in their absence
And to be weight in their presence 
To recognize the truth
That no one on this planet
Have more than you have
And you are able to do
Exactly what you believe you can do
Your desire It's the only thing that make you
Chase what you want
And that you are the only thing standing in your way
You put limitations to your ability
By not believing in them
Not believing in yourself
And you put yourself in situations
And plan for your failure
And spend too much time sitting with you probably failure
Instead of fighting it
You try to be his friend
And build your own way to it
In case you fail.
You need to fight failure
And stop being affraid to fail
to be always kind to Yourself
And To be able to stop waiting for people to encourage and support you to chase your dreams
And wait for people to believe in you so you will be able to believe in yourself
Be your own friend
And Try to love yourself

This a reminder for myself to start believing in me and have self confidence and let people get all the freedom they want, to stop be attached to people so  I wil be enough for Myself

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