الأحد، 21 أغسطس 2016

will you hesitate

Why wishing for things you don't allow them to happen, not anymore
Because things are easily taken from our hearts 
 And you don't trust yourself or others
You don't trust your own heart
or the good in you
But you want to trust
So there is a war in you between
losing faith or attached to your dreams and hopes and wishes
Between living miserable all alone or try and fail and broke your heart again, not only your heart but others too.
It's more than just falling in love and let yourself be
it's all about what you can live with and what you can't
You are not that free
You are not free as you think you are
And when you act freely you end up feeling guilty and misery
You end up all alone again
What if you're tired from small moment of happiness
What if you are lonely
And your life is boring with no events
What if your heart is damaging in all your paths and all your options
Will you hesitate for a moment?

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لا تقسوا عليّ .. وابتسم للحياة : )))))